Martin Ball


I had been told that I needed orthotics by a physio, so I had them made and I thought I was fine. Although a couple of years on, I saw Nadine and she noticed how I was walking.
Nadine asked to offer me a free assessment. Upon the assessment, she highlighted what was ‘wrong’ with my orthotics as they were supporting the imbalance, and not correcting it.
Through the education Nadine gave me, it helped me to understand how I had been causing further wear and tear to other parts of my body due to the ‘wrong type’ of orthotic.

I purchased the orthotics Nadine recommended and although I felt a slight discomfort (because my feet were so out of balance due to the old orthotics), in a short amount of time I actually felt a lot better.
Nadine even massaged my feet to help with lengthening the muscles which had been restricted due to the original orthotics.I noticed I was standing straight, taller through better posture, the pressure off my lower spine.

We are on our feet every day, so I highly recommend just having a chat with Nadine as her knowledge, passion to educate and help others is incredible.